Emerging Global Realities (EGR) focuses on global issues affecting people worldwide. The author group focuses on the global technocratic rollout of digitalization, artificial intelligence, big data, supercomputers, biometric surveillance…. and the higher and higher EMF radiation frequencies and power outputs people are exposed to… we conduct EMF radiation measurements to track the deployments of 5G and health impacts…. we focus on major geopolitical issues such as the Ukraine Proxy War, growing US conflict with China via the Taiwan Proxy… and the global financial markets including de-dollarization and the bipolar split of the world via Russia, China, BRICS…


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Emerging Global Realities is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of all private information submitted to it. The EGR does not distribute the private information it receives to any third parties, nor does the EGR permit backdoor entry to private information. The EGR will only release private information if it is legally required through a Court Order.